I am Fairy Leviathan, also known as Youshou Leviathan. You've probably heard of me. I was the General of the Meikai Army (Army of the Dark Oceans), a Guardian of Master X, Neo Arcadia, and the waters of the world. I'm here to connect with my fans, whom I adore even if they puzzle me on occasion.
In addition to being a General I was the director of the Neo Arcadian technology department (while still a Reploid). I also worked as water purifier, but let's not talk about that...
I am open for questions and chatting if you can keep the conversation interesting.

This blog is rated PG-13. Asks that curse/contain explicit material/god mod will be answered privately or ignored, depending on content. Anon asks that curse/contain explicit material/god mod will be ignored. If you prefer your ask be answered privately, please say so in your ask.
I am not currently accepting rps, at least until some of the ones I am involved with have finished and/or I have finished Graduate school.
Do not try holding a conversation with me via Asks. If you wish to hold a conversation send me a message so we can set a text post up for it.
This blog has a queue stocked with Fairy Leviathan images by different fans of every skill level. The goal is to post once a day, but that is dependent on there being art and my ability to find it and gain permission to post it. Most will be from deviant Art, which has a tumblr reblog button artists can activate if they are alright with their art being reposted. Very handy for a person who can take a few months to work up the nerve to talk to an artist they admire. Submissions are very appreciated!
Side images are by the wonderful Audioerf!
Avatar is by the amazing Teatea! (http://teatea.tumblr.com/)
how do people submit fanart to you,because I don't see a submit button anywhere and I know of a few pieces of fanart you can add to you collection.


Please only submit your own art or art the artist has given you permission to share.

Do you have feelings for zero or do you just like to fight him?

My feelings for Zero are very complicated. He’s an amazing fighter, incredibly good looking, not afraid to take on impossible challenges, but possess the emotional capacity of a brick (this statement excludes some very tender Zero’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through this time and dimension warping thing called tumblr).

Hey lev do you ever look like X because for some reason you and harpuia look a lot like him whats your opinion in looking like him ??

Master X is our father model, making Harpuia my brother. I kind of wish he identified as female. I’ve love to have a sister. Ah well.


TruForce Collectibles’ Mega Man X figure at New York Comic-Con. Tons of features, articulation and accessories!